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Movable Container Office (Type B)

Body : made of 2 mm thick steel sheet

Coating : 1 coat primer paint and 2 coats enamel gloss paint

Roof :
The roof panel is composed of 5 pieces of 2 mm thick corrugated steel sheet with upward smooth camber which are made by hydraulic oil compressors. They are welded together to form one panel. These precast corrugated steel sheets can minimize the welding process thus can lower the risk of leakage.

Door & Window :
1 no of steel door with lock and keys
2 nos of aluminium swing window with burglar bars
Each door and window is provided with a steel canopy

Flooring, walls and ceiling :
Plywood flooring covered with vinyl tiles
Durable paperlaid wall panels and polyboard ceiling tiles



Openings :
1 no of air-conditioning opening with movable cover which can be used as steel rack for convenient installation of air-conditioner
1 no of exhaust fan opening for good ventilation

Electrical Fittings and Lighting :
Fully equipped with internal wiring, electrical sockets and fused switches for power supply. Easily accessible, water-proof external receptables high intensity, extended life fluorescent tubes at ceiling